There's Always Another Hill - 3 - pictures of the trip

                                                      Notice the FLAG?

                                                      86.7 MILES of cornfields

  Because of the way I had to ride to get in to Indiana, I did not ever see a Welcome to Indiana sign for the formal picture, this was the first road sign I came to. I know it is a lousy picture. Iím getting TIRED.

  About four hundred dollars in technology to cook a package of hot dogs and some chili. Yum!

  I start my Eastward trek across Ohio. If you are looking at the map I will be on rte. 224 leaving Huntington, heading toward the PA border.

                           Mr. Jim and Miss Becky. Rotten picture, fabulous people.

                                           Whoops, I'm in West Virginia?

                                                     Very hilly but at least ridable.

                   The view from the rail trail along the river. Very private and fun.

                    This is a rail to trail bridge, lovingly reshaped to accommodate bikers.

                                                                   Near New Berlin, PA

                                                Getting to Breezewood on US 30.



                              The author and Beth who set up the Jersey ride segment.



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